July 2017 archive

Understanding Doggy Illnesses: What You Can and Can’t Catch from Your Pup

As many studies have shown, owning a dog can improve the health and lifespan of their owners—and with those wagging tails and loving nudges, it’s not hard to see why. Part of being a responsible pet owner involves educating yourself on ways to best care for pet in both sickness and health. Responsible dog owners …

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Talking About the Dyrehandel – Which Means Animal Trade In Case You Didn’t Know

Apparently dyrehandel is Danish for “animal trade” – which sounds unpleasant, but probably just means “pet shop”. Not speaking Danish, it’s hard to judge. Well, let’s assume that it means “pet shop” and go from there shall we? Everyone loves a pet shop. You should be aware, though, that there are pet shops and there …

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